Q: "How many photos can you complete in an hour?"
A: Above is a valid question and I completely understand where new clients are coming from when they ask me that question! When a photographer is charging an hourly rate it makes complete sense to wonder how many photos you can get from one hour of work. Unfortunately it doesn't really work that way and every time someone asks me that question I honestly hate having to tell the client just that, "I don't really know." 
I’ve written a complete blog post about this very question with a more accurate answer that I would really love for you to check out before you work with me. Click here to find out more about how many photos I can take in an hour!

Q: "What is your turn around time?"
A: My turn around time changes on a daily basis. It all depends on how large the project is and how many other projects I have lined up. When you email me to start a project I'll give you an estimate of when I should have the project finished. 

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