Currently I enjoy working with educators to help improve their online presence with more professional photos. I've always been a very visual person and I believe we all can be. I've written a little something here to explain why I think high quality photos are very important. You should check it out wether you want to work with me or are just intrigued about the importance of photos!

If there's one thing I already know about you it's that you really care about your products. You spend your valuable time creating something you're proud and you want others to see how your products look in action. Great photos are a real passion of mine and I'd love to help you take your product sales to the next level. High quality photos will give your work the attention it deserves!

What does my hourly rate cover? Well it can include as much or little as you want. I try to be very flexible and cater to the way each client prefers to work. Some people want to just send me their product pdf and let me chose what to photograph. Some people like to be very specific and send me only the pages that need to be printed and tell me exactly what types of photos they are looking for.

Intrigued? Click here to learn more about the process or click below to view a sample project.

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