Why Use High Quality Images?

I'll start with a real life scenario involving cookies, everyone can relate to cookies! If I'm scrolling through Pinterest looking for a chocolate chip cookie recipe, you can bet I'm looking for the cookies that look the best with the best lighting, and composition. I basically ignore any photo that has been taken in poor lighting and is very low quality. The high quality images of cookies in great lighting with great composition, well those cookies speak to me. It's an automatic reaction. A person who has taken time to photograph their cookies nicely, that says professional! That says that the cookies they have to offer are good enough to spend time on. It says that those cookies are worth the extra time it takes to get a nicer photo. The cookies in the poor quality images, well that says amateur. It says that those cookies aren't worth the extra time. The cookies could be just as good, but one might never know that. And maybe I'm just digging a little deep here but that's because photography really means something to me!

If there's one thing I already know about you it's that you really care about your products. You spend your valuable time creating something you're proud of and I know that because you're here on this page contemplating how to take your pictures to the next level! Great photos are a real passion of mine and I'd love to help you get your product photos to the next level. I want to be able to give your work the credit it deserves!

Here's an example of what I mean. These first two photos are okay. They aren't awful! They're clear and show the activity page, but they just aren't giving the activity the credit it deserves! 
The first photo just shows the paper with the activity printed out. Plain Jane! And in my opinion it's very easy to bypass a picture like this because there isn't much to capture interest. 
There is an implied present tense because of the props in the second photo. This implies that it (whatever may be featured in the photo) is important now, not in the past.

The photos below are very clear. The lighting is bright and feels fresh. It looks clean and professional. The resource is really highlighted here. 
The quality of your work should be top priority and a higher quality image will really show that off! 

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