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I currently charge an hourly rate plus printing costs. What does this fee cover? Well it can include as much or little as you want. I try to be very flexible and cater to the way each client prefers to work. Some people want to just send me their product pdf and let me chose what to photograph. Some people like to be very specific and send me only the pages that need to be printed and tell me exactly what types of photos they are looking for.

I find it works best and saves you the most money if you are more specific with me but sometimes people are unsure where to start. In that case, it's okay to be more vague. We'll just work together to figure out what needs to be done.

After I know what pages to print I'll get started. I'll print the pages, and complete the activities. This works best if you've given me an answer key, especially if the worksheet involves writing more than a few words. Keep in mind that if more is involved you will be billed for the time it takes me to read the activity and come up with my own answers. This can end up adding a lot of time. I can do this if necessary but I would hate to charge you more money for something you could probably do much quicker than I could.   

It doesn't have to be a worksheet though. Don't be afraid to think outside box! I know worksheets seem like a really easy thing to send and have me complete but I can do more than that. This is really about showing off your amazing work and letting others know that it's worth their time. I can create cute anchor charts, foldables, and task cards as well! I have a variety of craft supplies and props so I can recreate classroom activities. I work with many mediums.

I'll then set up the resource in a visually appealing way and depending on what's being photographed I'll try to get as much variety as I can. I like to have a few of each; landscape orientation optimized for Facebook and portrait orientation for Pinterest. Instagram isn't confined to square photos anymore but I can certainly do square as well. I also try to get up close photos to show off smaller details.

Finally I'll import the images onto my computer and chose the best ones. I'll then edit those photos using Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop. I edit the pictures to make sure the colors are true to life and make sure your photos pop. After I'm sure the photos are looking great I'll export them to a dropbox folder and send you an email with the access link and let you know they are finished. When you let me know you're satisfied with the photos I'll send the invoice.

My current price is $40/hour plus a printing fee. $0.10 for each black & white page and $0.30 for each color page. 

Shoot me an email to get started:
Link your website or blog in the email, I'd love to check it out! This lets me get to know you and helps me to chose props that I think go with the theme of your website.  

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