Sample Project

I've put together a sample project that shows you exactly what kind of photos you'll receive from me. On my portfolio page you really only get to see one photo from some of my favorite projects but I thought it would be helpful for you to see a group of photos that came from one project. This way you'll see what kind of variations you might get. 

Some photographers give a price based on number of photos they send (i.e. 5 photos for x dollars). I don't work that way. I lay out the pages and try photograph them at a few angles and move the props around to give you more options. 
The majority of time I spend on projects is spent preparing the pages for photographing. Giving you fewer photos does not mean it will take me less time. I would rather give you a few more options since it doesn't take me more time to do so. 

These photos came from an Author Study project I did with Carrie Ogulnick from Adventures in Kinder and Beyond!

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